Clip Studio Paint EX Vs Pro: 10 Comparisons

Clip Studio Paint, a popular digital art software, offers two main editions: Clip Studio Paint Pro and Clip Studio Paint EX. Here is the comparison of the features, capabilities, and pricing of these two editions. It helps you decide which version is best suited for your needs. Here is the Clip Studio Paint EX vs Pro comparison.

Clip Studio Paint EX Vs Pro


Both Clip Studio Paint Pro and EX are powerful digital art software that cater to artists, illustrators, and comic creators. While the Pro version is designed for individual artists and hobbyists, the EX version is tailored for professional artists requiring advanced features to create complex projects.

Drawing and Painting Tools

Both Pro and EX versions offer an extensive range of drawing and painting tools, including brushes, pens, pencils, and more. Users can also customize and create their brushes to suit their unique needs.

Vector Tools


Vector tools are available in both editions, allowing users to create clean, scalable lines and shapes without losing quality. However, the EX version offers additional vector features, such as vector layer merging and vector eraser tools. This can be beneficial for professional artists.

Color Management

Both Pro and EX versions provide advanced color management options, including color palettes, color sets, and color wheels. Additionally, both editions support CMYK color mode, which is essential for print-ready artwork.

Satin vs Velvet Paint

Text Tools

Clip Studio Paint Pro and EX offer a wide range of text tools, including adding and editing text layers, customizing fonts, and applying effects. However, the EX version offers more advanced text features, such as converting text to vector layers and creating word balloons with customizable shapes.

3D Models


Both editions allow users to import and manipulate 3D models within their artwork. The EX version, however, offers more advanced 3D model features, such as multiple camera angles and the ability to create custom 3D models from 2D images.


While both Pro and EX versions support animation, the Pro version is limited to 24 frames for a single project. The EX version, on the other hand, supports an unlimited number of frames, making it ideal for professional animators and artists working on complex projects.

Multi-Page Management

One of the most significant differences between the Pro and EX versions is the ability to manage multi-page projects. The EX version allows users to create and manage multiple pages within a single project, making it an ideal choice for comic book and manga artists.

Exporting Options

Both editions offer a variety of exporting options, including PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and more. However, the EX version provides additional exporting capabilities, such as batch exporting and the ability to export multi-page projects in EPUB and PDF formats.


Clip Studio Paint Pro is available at a lower price point compared to the EX version. This makes paint an attractive option for hobbyists and individual artists. With its advanced features and capabilities, the EX version is priced higher and geared towards professional artists and studios.

Which Is Better Clip Studio Paint Pro or Ex?

Clip Studio Paint EX is better than Clip Studio Paint Pro due to its advanced features, making it more suitable for professionals. Both versions offer exceptional functionality, but the differences lie in their intended user base and available features.

Firstly, the EX version has an unlimited number of animation frames compared to the Pro version’s 24. As a result, it attracts users who need more versatility in creating complex animations. This expanded capability allows artists to produce detailed and intricate animations without restrictions.

Additionally, Clip Studio Paint EX offers multiple-page management, essential for users working on comics, manga, or graphic novels. In contrast, the Pro version only supports single-page illustrations. The ability to manage and organize multiple pages can be a game changer for professionals in need of a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Moreover, the EX version includes vector export and import functionality, further improving the user experience. Though both versions offer vector capabilities, importing and exporting them is exclusive to the EX version. Consequently, it appeals to those who frequently work with vector graphics and require file compatibility with different applications.

Furthermore, Clip Studio Paint EX provides advanced 3D object and character support, enhancing its usability for artists working on more detailed projects. In contrast, the Pro version has limited 3D capabilities. This additional support simplifies the creative process for artists utilizing 3D elements in their work.


Clip Studio Paint Pro is a powerful and feature-rich digital art software suitable for individual artists and hobbyists. With its advanced features and capabilities, the EX version is designed for professional artists working on complex projects, such as comic books, manga, and animations. When deciding between Clip Studio Paint Pro and EX, consider your specific needs, project requirements, and budget to make the best choice for your creative endeavors.

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